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Indoor Outdoor


The Minky Indoor/Outdoor Airer can be used almost anywhere -in the garden, on a patio, in the home or garage.

04_Indoor outdoor dryer.jpg

Indoor/Outdoor dryer

Indoor/Outdoor dryer Features

Drying Capacity

Holds up to

Dimensions open:
60” x 52” x 52”

Dimensions closed:
60” x 9” x 3.5”

Folds away neatly when not in use. No drilling or fixing required. Perfect for holidays and camping or for small spaces.

Dryer can be used almost anywhere due to weatherproof coating - in the garden, on a patio, in the home or garage. 

Indoor_outdoor main.jpg
Indoor Outdoor Icon.png

Tripod base provides a solid assembly and stability.

Sturdy moulded joints for extra strength

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Indoor/Outdoor dryer

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