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Auto opening, fast action, no levers. Holds garments firmly in place when repositioning or drying in the breeze, with 82ft drying capacity.

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SureGrip Multidryer

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The unique revolutionary Sure Grip
technology with textured non slip rungs, holds garments firmly in place and prevents items sliding off when the dryer is moved or when drying outdoors in the breeze.


Thanks to its rust resistant properties, the Sure Grip technology also provides all weather protection, making it perfect for
indoor and outdoor drying.

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SureGrip Multidryer Features

Drying Capacity

Holds up to

fast action
Auto opening

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SG Multidryer Shelf icon.png

Mesh shelf drying, ideal for delicate garments

Wheels make it easy to move

when loaded

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SureGrip Multidryer

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