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The UK's number 1 cleaning brand.  Minky M-Cloths contain a high density microfibre structure that provides up to 7x more cleaning power vs. standard microfibre cloths. The microscopic fibres clean brilliantly well and have significantly greater contact with the surface they are cleaning,  creating a capillary action to absorb away dirt and moisture – without the need for chemicals. 

1 New Mcloth Pad Original.png

M Cloth Triple Action 

Anti-bacterial Cleaning Pad

5 kitcen.jpg

M Cloth Kitchen Cloth

2 M-Cloth Kitchen V2_a.jpg

M Cloth Anti-bacterial Kitchen Pad

3 Bathroom pad Packaging.jpg

M Cloth Anti-bacterial Bathroom Pad 

6 general.jpg

M Cloth General Purpose


M Cloth Hi Tech Duster

4 glass and window.jpg

M Cloth Glass & Window


M Cloth Bathroom


M Cloth Stainless 

Steel & Kitchen Set


M Cloth Stainless 

Steel & Kitchen Set


Kitchen Cloths 2 pack


M Cloth Car Care Pads 

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